Training Plans for Cyclists

In association with CIS Training Systems

Here at Just Pedal we have been looking for a training partner for while and after trying many training plans we found the perfect match.  CIS Training Systems New York.  CIS offer training programs for all abilities from beginners up to elite racers and have a proven track record of delivering results.

Using one of our cycling training plans develops every aspect of your cycling. Aerobic capacity, speed, endurance and pedalling efficiency are all brought into focus. You will also build confidence, mental toughness and focused attention to detail.  The CIS Training System give you the chance to get the most out of your cycling and reach your ultimate goals.

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Designed with POWER in Mind!

THE SYSTEM is a set of interdependent components  built on sound principles of, focus, discipline, consistency, development, determination and attention to detail.

Our cycling training plans focus on building cardiovascular fitness, discipline in training and patience that creates a strong foundation to build on.

Focused attention on Heart Rate and all training zones create a high level of aerobic conditioning which is critical part of HR/Power Training.

All cycling training plans designed by CIS Training Systems have the busy professional in mind.  Effective and targeted quality workouts DO NOT need UNREASONABLE amounts of time to complete.

To request a 4 week sample program please email  or to order a specific training plan now click the button below.