Just Pedal Group Rides – Additional Information

Our group rides will depart from Surrey Sports Park at 9am every Saturday. Depending on numbers there are usually three speed groups each week to cater for everyone. Ride distance varies from 35-65 miles sometimes with multiple routes. Please check here for details of the next ride. These rides are ideal for all riders. Whether you want a social ride or are training for an event or race. You are free to relax and chat in the pack or push yourself to the limit whilst attacking the fast group. No one is held up and no one is left behind.

For details on routes please see the events calendar on the Just Pedal CC home page 

For those coming from further a field there is also plenty of free parking.

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As mentioned in the rules helmets are mandatory on our rides.  As well as this we recommend cycling specific clothing but any decent sports gear will do if you don’t have all the kit.  Please also check the weather before leaving home and ensure you come prepared especially if the forecast is cold and / or wet.  Also remember suncream on particularly warm days.


The majority of riders who come along use road bikes and we recommend that you bring one along too.  It doesn’t need to be flashy but does need to be in good mechanical order.  If you are unsure please get your bike serviced before attending.   Some riders get away with a hybrid or mtb with slick tyres but you should be very confident in your own fitness to do this.


Please ensure at the very minimum you bring an inner tube suitable for your bike, pump, tyre levers and a multitool.  You should also consider bringing a chain tool and patch kit in case of multiple punctures.


Please ensure you bring enough food and water to keep yourself well fuelled on the ride.  We will stop so that people can stock up but the main cafe stop will usually be at the end of the ride rather than halfway.

For those new to group riding and as a reminder to seasoned club riders, we have put together some basic rules to stick to whilst cycling in the pack.  These are in place to help ensure everyone has a good time and returns home safely.

  1. Have fun: Above all, the club runs are fun.  There may be some rules here but the club run isn’t a military drill, it’s about enjoying getting out on the bike.
  2. Say hello: If you’re new, please identify yourself to those leading the club run. Please listen to them, as they will explain how the run works and where it’s going.
  3. Highway Code: When riding, first and foremost you must at all time comply with the Highway Code and more than that, you must ride with courtesy and respect for other road users. You are responsible, not only for your own safety but for other riders around you. There will be a leader but their role is limited to choosing the route and, as far as possible, making sure the Group stays together and respects other road users. They are NOT responsible for your safety, you are. You are also responsible for the cohesion of the Group and helping keep it together. Experienced Club members may ask you to adjust your speed, road position or style. Please respect them, as they are only concerned for everybody’s safety.
  4. No Helmet, No Ride:  We don’t think there is much more to be said here.  Please make sure you remember your cycling helmet when attending our rides.
  5. Don’t race: The Club Run is a social ride, it is NOT a race. You can race to your heart’s content in organised competitive events and train for them with the organised race team rides but please not on group runs. Do not overtake the rider(s) at the head of the group. Anyone accelerating ahead of the group will be assumed to be on another ride of their own devices. They will not be called after or chased after if they take a wrong turn. We normally wait for people who go off the back of the ride. We do NOT wait for people who go off the front.
  6. Group riding etiquette: Aim to ride with less than one metre between you and the rider in front. Do not overlap wheels with the rider in front.  Ride in pairs, never more than two abreast and directly behind a rider in front and not diagonally. Single-out if a car is behind and when filing out would enable the car to pass, or if the road conditions make it sensible to do so. Be careful when braking suddenly.
  7. Ride together and wait: When approaching junction slow down a little to allow the riders behind to catch up and proceed as a group. Don’t swarm around cars at traffic lights, filtering on the left and right but imagine the group as a large vehicle and keep the group together. Everyone takes time to set-off, clip-in and get settled back in the saddle. Keep the group together. Likewise, re-group at the top of hills and if necessary at the bottom. The lead riders should make sure that all riders are back in the group before resuming the at normal pace. It is okay to keep moving but slowly, until everyone is back together.
  8. Signals & Calls: Front riders should warn of hazards ahead and inform the rest of the group verbally and/or with hand signals. Rear riders should ensure that no-one is falling behind. If they are, then they should inform those in front and the Group should slow to allow it to be reformed.
  9. Change the lead: Every few minutes, the lead should change. So if you’ve been sitting on the front for a while, when it’s safe to do so, tell the others and swap the lead. But if you’re tiring and suddenly it’s your turn to be on the front, tell the others as it’s fine to take it easy.
  10. Join the club: We especially welcome new members on the club run and if you like the club run, please become a member. We’re happy for you to try the ride a few times but after three or four rides you join if you want to ride with us.
  11. Mechanicals: If someone punctures or has a mechanical, everyone is expected to stop. So in return for delaying everyone, make sure you start the ride with spares like an inner tube, tyre levers and that your bike is roadworthy.
  12. The Knowledge: The Surrey Lanes might seem maze-like but with some map reading and riding you can get to know the local roads. To get more out of regular riding, be sure to learn some of the local roads.

These rules aren’t set in stone, it’s all about being sensible, courteous and aware whilst riding on the road. Our club runs attract lots of riders and so these rules set out what’s required. Remember, you are responsible for your safety and take part in activities at your own risk.

Every week we will aim to run three groups with average speeds varying from 14 mph – 18mph over a moderately hilly route.  So faster on flat days and slower on hilly days.  If you have any doubts about whether you are fit enough for the ride please email us and one of our coaches or ride leaders will be happy to discuss any reservations you may have.

We encourage as many members as possible to create routes and lead rides for us.  The more variety the better.  If you are interested in volunteering for this please email us for more information.