Onelife ID – Stay safe on the roads in 2018


Just Pedal has teamed up with OneLife iD to keep riders safe on the road in 2018. OneLife iD is a multi-functional ID which can be used as an emergency identity during events, while out training and at work or play. The OneLife iD system combines engraved or printed emergency details on its range of products which includes ID bands, tags, stickers, cards and key-fobs. Each product also has a QR code and weblink that connects to your personal ID webpages.  With your own OneLife iD online profile you can add more detailed information and important documents and images and update as often as you need.

With OneLife iD you have the benefit of a range of proven ID products with your personalised engraving or printing with the added benefit of an updateable online profile to which you can add as much information as you need including medical, business and social information. Ride safe in 2018 and show you are part of the Just Pedal rider community with our Onelife iD in Just Pedal team colours.

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How it works

Just Pedal and OneLife iD are combining in 2014 to offer a range of products (iD band, MiniTag iD, Sticker any of which include the mobile ICE Screen) that make it easy for you to make ID part of your ride routine – Ride Safe in 2018.

You decide what information you need engraved or printed on the iD, select your iD or product combination and, once it is despatched, you can set up your online profile which can include lots more useful information.

Try out our example profile and use the emergency PIN 1234

People can access your profile and emergency and medical details by reading your printed or engraved information (4 lines on iD bands and MiniTag and 14 lines on Card iD), entering your weblink into a browser or scanning your unique QR code. You chose what information you make available and when you update it. All your medical and emergency contacts are protected by your PIN.


Emergency & Medical Engraving or Printing

Emergency contacts

Medical conditions


Multi function

Emergency contacts info

Medical details

Lost & Found

Social – plus links to social media

Online Profile

Mobile ICE screen


Add detailed info + photos

Design your profile

Secure emergency & medical info



Just Pedal iD band

MiniTag iD

Sticker iD

Card iD

Dog tags

Key fobs


OneLife iD is a UK company